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Challenges To Be Aware of When Using Flavoring in Lip Gloss

Written By Evelyn Baltierra 28 Aug 2023

Be aware of challenges when using Flavoring in lip gloss so you can mitigate problems. You’ll get the most out of your bases and Flavoring Oils!

Challenges To Be Aware of When Using Flavoring in Lip Gloss

Make your lip glosses stand out from the rest. Flavoring Oils are the perfect additions to gloss bases because they enhance your formula and make them unique. However, you should be aware of some challenges when using Flavoring in lip gloss. Discover these difficulties and how to avoid them.

Understanding Flavoring Oils

Flavoring Oils add Flavor to homemade lip glosses and other cosmetic products. The highly concentrated formula contains NFI (non-flavor ingredient) soybean oil and can withstand heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the oil is ideal for lip and body cosmetic products. Besides lip gloss, you can add Flavoring oils to lip balms, lipstick, lip tints, and many more cosmetics!

Do They Improve Lip Gloss?

Basic lip gloss formulas have unflattering odors and tastes because of their raw vitamins, butters, and waxes. Although the natural ingredients support hydration and feel good on your lips, they often have distinct and unpleasant scents. For example, beeswax has a musky and subtle honey scent that some people don’t like. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice formulas for Flavor! Flavoring Oils improve lip gloss bases, mask the scent of natural ingredients, and offer great tastes and aromas.

Are Flavoring Oils Safe?

Get Suckered’s Flavoring Oils are safe! They’re GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can use them for several applications, including food and beverages!

It’s important to acknowledge the potent nature of Flavoring Oils, and you should not consume Flavors as they are. You should dilute the products with cosmetic bases, batters, liquids, and other carriers.

Storage Suggestion

We recommend storing our products in a cool, dry environment in their original containers to maintain their high-quality nature. You should also avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, open air, and heat. Don’t freeze Flavors because congealing will affect the formula.

Flavoring Oil Challenges

Although Flavoring Oils are simple to use, you must consider some important things before adding them to your creations. Explore the challenges of this product and how to overcome issues in order to create awesome lip glosses.

Potency Can Affect the Formula

Potency affecting your formula is the main challenge of using Flavoring in lip gloss. Remember that Flavoring Oils are highly concentrated, so you only need a few drops per batch. If you add too many drops, you’ll create an overwhelming Flavor in your lip glosses. Unfortunately, you can’t remove Flavoring drops, so you’ll have to add more lip gloss base or make a new batch.

Get the ratio right the first time by following our suggested usage table:

  • One cup of gloss base – one to three drops of Flavoring
  • Four cups of gloss base – five to eight drops of Flavoring
  • Eight cups of gloss base – 10 to 15 drops of Flavoring

Specific Ratios for Flavor Combinations

You need to follow a specific ratio for Flavor combinations unless you create lip glosses with one Flavor. The right measurements balance Flavors and prevent overpowering lip gloss formulas. The challenging part about this is perfecting your ratio. Luckily, we can give you some advice for this process.

Start with a primary and secondary Flavor. Think of the primary Flavor as the most obvious one in lip gloss and the secondary Flavor as subtle undertone. For example, cranberry is the primary Flavor and vodka is the secondary Flavor in Cranberry Vodka Lip Gloss.

The ratio for primary and secondary Flavors is two to one, respectively. Use two drops of the first Flavor and one drop of the second Flavor per cup of the gloss base. These measurements follow our suggested usage table listed previously.

Add the Flavoring at the Right Time

Depending on your lip gloss formula, you may heat waxes and butters to create a liquid base. Although Flavoring Oils can withstand heat up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, don’t add oils to boiling bases. Extremely hot lip gloss bases can make Flavoring Oils lose potency. It’s best to mix Flavoring Oils in a warm oil or wax base to ensure everything blends well.

Pro Tip: Don’t add Flavoring Oils to cold, solidified formulas because they’re difficult to mix. The product won’t evenly distribute throughout the lip gloss.

Flavoring Oils Are Unsweetened and Unscented

A misconception about Flavoring Oils is that they’re sweet and scented. However, that’s not true. Our Flavoring Oils are not fragrances or sweeteners. The concentrated nature of our formulas makes them taste and smell different in their raw form, so it can be challenging to gauge Flavoring Oils' effectiveness. Our potent drops provide more than enough Flavor to your cosmetic products.

Add a liquid sweetener to your formula if you want sweet-tasting lip glosses. We offer Natural and Artificial Sweeteners, like sucralose and Monk Fruit, to enhance your products.

Natural herbs and spices offer fantastic aromas for lip glosses. You can muddle fresh mint to unlock its aromatic essence. Sprinkle cinnamon in your bases, or find other ways to incorporate fresh ingredients.

With the help of Flavoring oils, liquid sweeteners, and natural herbs and spices, you can create amazing lip glosses!

Oils Losing Their Flavor

Sometimes, Flavorings become flavorless because the oils degrade quickly. You can extend their shelf life by refrigerating the Flavoring Oils.

If your Flavor oils appear cloudy, have an odd smell, or lose their intense aroma, you should replace them. Remember that some of our products have a thicker consistency due to their unique formulas, so shake the bottles to break down crystallization.

We encourage you to create a test batch for lip glosses to evaluate the formula's Flavor. You don't want to make an entire batch and end up with unsatisfactory glosses!

Combat Challenges and Make Awesome Glosses

Now that you understand the common challenges of Flavorings, you can combat these issues! You wouldn’t want to waste lip gloss bases or make off-putting products. If you’re new to Flavoring Oils or want product inspiration, check out these Flavorings and combinations:

  • Toffee Nut Latte Flavoring
  • Ice Cream Taffy Flavoring
  • Juicy Chew Flavoring
  • Marshmallow Flavoring + S’mores Flavoring
  • Salted Caramel Flavoring + Cake Batter Flavoring
  • Peach Lemonade Flavoring + Coconut Cream Flavoring

Unforgettable Choices

Follow our Flavoring suggestions or create your own combinations. The best thing about our products is they’re DIY friendly. Whether you make homemade lip glosses or own a cosmetic brand, you can make unforgettable lip products with our Flavorings!

You bring the formulas, and we bring the Flavor. At Get Suckered, we offer various products like Coffee Flavoring Oils that mimic your favorite drinks! Imagine a Caramel Mocha Lip Gloss or an Espresso! The possibilities are endless with our options. Browse our product categories now!

Challenges To Be Aware of When Using Flavoring in Lip Gloss

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