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How Nostalgia for Our Younger Years Can Help Sell Lip Gloss

Written By Evelyn Baltierra 31 Aug 2023

Nostalgia for our younger years can help sell lip gloss, so use it as a marketing technique. Learn about nostalgic marketing and how it can help your brand.

How Nostalgia for Our Younger Years Can Help Sell Lip Gloss

Fond memories of simpler times can evoke positive emotions in many people. Individuals feel nostalgic of their youth and remember decade-defining trends. The emotions are more than good memories—they’re great marketing tools. Learn how nostalgia for our younger years can help sell lip gloss.

Why Do People Like Nostalgia?

Nostalgia is a sentimental longing for the past. People like nostalgia because it reminds them of positive memories. It can also help individuals develop a stronger sense of self, as nostalgia reminds people of who they were in the past.

Plus, positive memories can socially connect individuals, as many share similar experiences. For example, eating cereal and watching Saturday morning cartoons are fond memories that many people share.

Nostalgia is a form of comfort and escapism for many people, so many companies take this concept and apply it to various industries, including beauty!

Understanding Nostalgia Marketing

Nostalgia marketing taps into positive and familiar concepts from previous decades to create an emotional connection with consumers. It’s a way to associate your company with things that customers already love and have positive memories of.

The most prominent examples of nostalgia marketing are through television and film. Shows and movies set in previous decades will showcase popular items and concepts from that era.

However, companies can leverage nostalgia through various techniques, such as rebranding, milestone celebrations, and announcements for business goals. With rebranding, some businesses revisit their original logo to remind people of their roots. Furthermore, brands can celebrate milestones with anniversary merchandise or limited-edition items. Lastly, businesses can use nostalgia-driven ads to announce company goals or changes.

Nostalgia and Beauty

It’s funny how history has a way of repeating itself, especially with beauty trends. Whether it’s the revival of brown lip liner and clear lip gloss or pencil-thin brows, trends always recycle. One factor behind nostalgic makeup is accessibility. There are many cosmetic products on the market, and people can recreate looks or modernize old trends with new techniques.

Pandemic Effect

A noteworthy effect of the worldwide pandemic is the way people saw beauty. With the lockdown and social distancing, people chose no-makeup or very light makeup looks rather than heavy, model-inspired makeup. There was an increase in nude and neutral hues, making minimal makeup popular. Additionally, beauty trends with emphasis on natural makeup became popular again. Companies saw this trend and began to launch products that aligned with older styles.

How Nostalgia Can Sell Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is one of the most popular cosmetic products and offers a glass-like appearance on lips. Manufacturers often add glitter, tints, and Flavor Oils that enhance the product. Lip glosses are relatively inexpensive and easily accessible; however, there are many types of lip glosses on the market, and cutting through the clutter is challenging. Luckily, nostalgia for our younger years can help sell lip gloss with memorable scents and flavors.

The Power of Flavoring Oils

Nostalgia taps into people’s senses, and what better way to remind someone of a fond memory than with familiar scents? Flavoring Oils are ingredients that add Flavor to cosmetic products. The highly concentrated Oils enhance lip glosses with amazing scents and tastes.

Of course, Flavors like Strawberry or Mango are popular for lip products because they mimic fruit. However, companies can mimic nostalgic Flavors with unique Oils. For instance, Hard Candy Flavoring includes nostalgic options like Candy Apple and Cherry Bomb Candy. Both were popular flavors in previous decades.

Companies can take things a step further with Cereal, Beverage, and Dessert Flavor Oils that pay homage to specific times.

Descriptions Are Key

Nostalgia requires visualization. After all, that’s the only way to travel back down memory lane. Descriptions are important for nostalgic lip glosses because they help people visualize different times.

Sure, you can say “Our Maple-Flavored Gloss will remind you of pancakes.” Or you can say, “Our Maple-Flavored Gloss has a Rich, Buttery, and Syrupy Flavor. You’ll feel like you’re having breakfast at your grandma’s house.” Informative descriptions help consumers relate to products.

Don’t Forget About Packaging

Creative packaging makes consumers do a double take, and companies can leverage nostalgia with vintage designs. Therefore, think of out-of-the-box ideas with lip gloss packaging. For example, Cereal-Flavored Lip Glosses can come in mini cereal boxes. Replicate popular beverages in Soda-shaped gloss tubes. Take something from a previous decade and align it with lip glosses.

Advertise the Lip Glosses

It’s the time to grab someone’s attention with nostalgic music, pictures, concepts, and much more! Now, social media is a main platform for cosmetic advertisements. Companies can opt for paid ads on social media timelines and stories to reach as many potential customers as possible.

The best way to use ad time is to immediately display nostalgia. Play a catchy song from previous eras, show old items, or use themes from TV shows and movies.

Like all advertisements, effective ones have target audiences. Pick a decade or generation to advertise the lip glosses to. For example, you may choose a 1990s-inspired ad for millennials or a 2000s ad for older Gen Z-ers. The idea is to define your audience and use the right strategies to catch their attention.

Important Note

It’s important to understand that nostalgia is effective only in moderation. Too much nostalgia can make a company seem out of touch and stuck in the past. In some scenarios, companies forget to advertise their product because they focus too much on nostalgic themes. No one wants a customer to say, “I don’t know what that ad was for.” Therefore, make lip gloss the main idea in all advertisements.

Nostalgia Marketing Works

Many brands successfully use nostalgia marketing for products and services. This marketing strategy works in many applications, but especially in cosmetics!

Imagine your face after you hear a familiar theme song or smell a particular scent. You’ll likely smile or at least think about the past. That’s what you want your potential customers to do.

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How Nostalgia for Our Younger Years Can Help Sell Lip Gloss

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