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Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

We strive for transparency. Here you will find a collection of the most pressing questions our customers ask us along with our policies! If you are unable to find an answer to a question listed here, give us a call at (800) 971-3015 or send us an email at

After payment has been received, all gallon sizes and custom orders may have a lead time of 2-3 weeks. Please plan accordingly. We will not be able to expedite an order. We greatly appreciate your patience.
When paying for an expedited form of shipping, you are paying for the shipment to be expedited with the carrier, not the processing of the order. Due to the holiday season, the delivery status of your package may not always be updated. Please continue to wait. We will not be able to issue any refunds for the delay. 
What are Flavorings?

Get Suckered are highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavorings. Our Flavors contain no fats, sugars, calories, carbs, or sodium. We offer both Water Soluble (PG base) and Oil Soluble (Soybean, MCT oils, and Sunflower oil bases) lines of flavoring that are manufactured in an FDA certified lab. Proudly made in the USA, we use the finest ingredients to deliver premium quality concentrates to you. Our Flavors contain no fats, are Diacetyl-Free, Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, Vegan, Nut and Dairy Free, Non-GMO, and Unsweetened, with Zero Carbs, Zero Sugars, and Zero Calories.

One on One Flavors / Get Suckered has a long history of being cruelty-free and against animal testing. None of our products are tested on animals, and we do not sell products anywhere that requires animal testing.

How can I use your flavors?

Our flavor drops are highly concentrated which means a little bit goes a long way. Everyone's palate is different, so we suggest adding drops in small increments until you get the taste you desire.

What are PG Based Flavors?

PG stands for Propylene Glycol, an organic compound. It is a clear, viscous, odorless liquid used as the NFI (non-flavor ingredient).  PG Based Flavors are water-soluble and can be used in a variety of applications such as an additive for beverages - mixed drinks and smoothies, icing and frostings, baked goods, foods, yogurts, ice-cream, medications and more.  These flavors have a more distinct taste and smell.  

What are Oil Based Flavors?

Oil Based Flavors are OS or Oil Soluble. Our Oil Based Flavors contain the NFI (non-flavor ingredient) Soybean Oil. Oil Based Flavors can withstand heat up to 400 F. This may include hard candy, chocolate and popcorn making. They can also be used for lip & body cosmetics, and CBD/THC tinctures products. 

Do you add any Sweeteners to your flavors?  If so, what types? 

No, our flavors are unsweetened.  We do however have available Ethyl Maltol, Sucralose, Monk Fruit,  in a liquid form.  In some cases, VG (Vegetable Glycerin) would be a good enough sweetener to use.  Sweeteners 

Do your flavors contain alcohol?

Some of our flavors contain alcohol to keep some compounds in solution and water soluble. Any alcohol used is used only as a "flavor carrier." Since our flavors are so concentrated the amount of alcohol in your finished product will not likely be traceable.

What are Flavor Enhancers? What do they do?

Flavor Enhancers do exactly what they say they will – enhance your flavor. These concentrates are to be used to give your flavor that extra touch.

Why does my flavor smell funny/taste bad with no dilution?

The highly concentrated nature of our flavors means they are not meant to be consumed as is. Your flavor may taste/smell substantially different in its raw form than it does when properly mixed into a food or beverage product.

How do I know if the flavorings are expired?

There is no need to worry about spoiling. What you do need to worry about, is the flavoring becoming flavorless. Instead of spoiling, these flavorings may lose potency. A flavorings that's extremely bright, vivid, and contains a lot of flavor, might be reduced to something that's dull, soft, and overall weak.

If stored properly, most flavors should last several years. Oils degrade more quickly, but can be refrigerated to extend shelf life. If your flavor oils or flavors look cloudy, have an off smell or lose their intense aroma, it's time to buy new. However, please note, some of our flavoring oils do have a thicker consistency due to the blend of the ingredients used to create the flavor. We encourage you to SHAKE WELL - separation and crystallization does occur. Another suggestion is that you may also want to heat the oil for the materials to dissolve. 

Are your flavors safe? 

Our Flavors are safe and GRAS certified by the FDA. We proudly boast over 500 amazing flavor options for nearly every application imaginable. Our flavors are highly concentrated and are of the best quality, proudly made with the finest ingredients & manufactured here in the USA. 

My flavors don't have taste, what can I do?

Our flavors are unsweetened. To boost the taste, try adding one of our Sweeteners Sucralose, Monk Fruit, Liquid Sugar or our Sour Drops.

How many drops do I use? 

Suggested Usage Table:

1 cup = 1-3 drops

4 cups = 5-8 drops

8 cups =10-15 drops

Feel free to start here and add more than what is suggested to your liking. Flavor is subjective and our chart showcases the minimum amount used. When adding more flavor to an application, please do so little by little. Too much flavor could overpower. You can always add flavor but you can never remove it from your application so use sparingly!

What is the usage rate

We sell 100% Flavored Concentrates. The suggested usage rates for most flavors are between 1% and 15%.  The taste will depend on your liking.  There's a chance you'll need to sweeten your mixes as well since our flavors are not sweetened. Our flavors are highly concentrated so there may be an option for you to dilute the flavors with water or some other solvent.   

Are your flavors scents? Can I use them in body or skin care?

Our Flavors are not considered fragrances; however, they are suitable for use in all applications. We highly suggest the Flavor(s) be diluted prior to being used, applied, or consumed. A Flavor should never be consumed or applied to the skin directly, it needs to be mixed into an application before use because it is a raw material, an ingredient! Though our Flavors can be used in almost all applications across the board, you may have better success using a fragrance over a Flavor for your specific needs (unless you are particularly interested in giving your product a taste, and actual Flavor). We can assure customers that the taste our Flavors produce are delicious because that’s what they are.  We cannot guarantee the nature of the scent nor can we promise they have an aroma at all. 

Get Suckered makes no warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, as to the fitness for a particular purpose, suitability, or usage of its products. The user assumes all risks associated with the use of Get Suckered products, whether used singly or in combination with other substances.

Why is my flavor a different color than last time? 

Do not be alarmed, flavorings may vary in color without altering the actual taste of the product.

The flavorings vary from batch to batch depending on the raw material that is sourced at the time of manufacture. It is normal that the color of certain flavors may vary as well as over time. It's just part of the "aging" process. Heat, light, and oxygen get into the mixture and "age" the aromas which change its color. Color variation in flavoring is common.

If I am *insert dietary restriction here* can I use your flavors?

We hope you can! All of our flavorings are free of sugars, ethanol and lactic acid in addition to being diacetyl free, gluten, nut, dairy, and cruelty free. 

For Best Storage Conditions & Shelf-life:

To maintain the high quality of our products, we recommend people store in a cool, dry environment in a tightly sealed original container. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, air, and heat. Keep the cap tightly closed when not in use.  After opening, the product can be refrigerated or stored at cool room temperature.

Our flavors have a shelf life of 12 - 18 months (60F° to 72F°).  Never freeze flavors, this will cause some separation, and the flavor may “break” causing you never to get them to mix again.


How do I place an order? You may enter items in your cart and select the shipping type (USPS or UPS) to calculate the cost before a transaction is made. All rates are calculated by the weight and distance of your order when packaged directly through these carriers, pricing is accurate.

If you live outside of the United States, we have to use international shipping. We highly suggest using UPS as a form of delivery. This carrier tends to be much more reliable, has better tracking and insurance is included in case of lost or damage. Our rates are based on the current UPS shipping rates. The website estimates all shipping costs based on up-to-date prices and the combined weight of your order. We highly suggest wire/ACH as a form of payment for all international orders. Please email for instructions. 

How will my order be shipped?

All of our products ordered online are shipped from our HQ in Las Vegas, NV, USA. 

When will my order be shipped?

Orders can be fulfilled 24-72 hours from being placed but they may take as long as 7-10 days. Once your order is placed, a confirmation will be sent to you by email. After your order has shipped, you'll receive a notification of shipment by email. Estimated shipping time frames are stated on the carries website and WILL vary by the area and distance from the delivery destination and the time of year/season.

We are currently processing orders with in stock items in a timely manner (1-3 days). Orders placed early in the day may even ship the same day, not including holidays or weekends. Once your order is placed, a confirmation order number will be sent to you by email. After your order has shipped, you'll receive a notification via email of the shipment along with a tracking number. The tracking number may take up to 24-48 hours to be scanned into the carriers shipping system and show any movement. For larger or specialty orders (gallon+ sizes, powders, custom flavors, Gloss Base etc.) please allow 2-4 weeks of processing time if applicable. 

Overnight/ Expedited/ 2nd Day or 3rd Day** orders must be placed before 10:00 am PST. to be considered for shipping that same day. For larger orders (gallon, drum, custom flavors etc.) please allow 2-4 weeks of processing time if applicable.

Please Note: Delivery may take about 10-12 days after fulfillment. We will ship according to your selection, however, there have been significant delays with the US Postal Service. Unfortunately, this is out of our control.  Please continue to check on the USPS website for updates. We will not be able to issue a refund for the shipping cost. You may file a claim with USPS if you choose to do so.  Please also see the Alert notice from USPS on their website.  

International Orders: We ship worldwide! UPS is the only carrier we use at this time. The customer will be held responsible for any customs obligations, import charges and so forth. 

Can I pay for faster shipping?

The time of delivery and speed the package takes to arrive to you is dependent on the carrier chosen at checkout and we unfortunately are not in our control once it leaves our facilities.To expedite the shipping time of your order once it is with the carrier, we recommend you to select any of the UPS Shipping options at the time of checkout. After your order has been processed and fulfilled, we will then ship the order out to you with UPS. The carrier, UPS, will then deliver the package to you. We do not offer a rush fulfillment/processing at this time.

****IMPORTANT NOTICE: When paying for an expedited form of shipping, you are paying for the shipment to be expedited once with the carrier, not the processing of the order.****

Why does my tracking number show "In transit/Arriving late"?

We will not be able to add notes to a carrier after the tracking has been issued. All notes in the tracking are from the carrier chosen at the time of checkout. If your package is marked "arriving late, in transit, awaiting, etc." by the carrier, you must contact them as we do not physically deliver or move your package through our shipping networks. We are unable to edit a carrier issued tracking number.

Why is my order taking so long to get here? Why isn't my tracking number updating or showing movement?

Unfortunately the speed at which your order is delivered to you is not in our control once it leaves our facilities. The carrier moves your package through their shipping network and may not always scan in stops along the way causing what looks like a halt in the movement of your package. Please do not worry, your package will eventually arrive but it just may take longer. 

My tracking shows delivered but I can't locate my order, what do I do?

Contact your local post office and speak with a supervisor who can contact the mail carrier, UPS or designated carrier immediately. Once your package leaves our fulfillment center, the carrier that was decided on at checkout holds full liability of said package. We are not responsible for lost, missing, stolen or damaged packages/product. 

Will Call: 

We no longer accept orders to be picked up from our location. All orders must be made online through our website and shipped. No exceptions.

Do you have any coupons or discount codes?

Not at this time. We encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram where we will announce upcoming promotions. Our business is growing because of folks who patronize our business. Please note: All coupons/discount codes used on orders are honored under the discretion of the company. Unauthorized usage of discount codes may result in a chargeback or a temporary hold/delay in an order. Discount offers and Buy One Get One Free items are limited to one per customer. Discounts cannot be added after purchase. For any questions regarding coupons/discount codes, feel free to email us at

What if I have a difficult time opening the glass bottle?

Try putting the bottle in the freezer for a few minutes, then try again ~ add some grip, push down and turn to the left. If that doesn't seem to work, try the opposite and run the top under hot water. The heat from hot water expands the air inside the bottle relieving the amount of negative pressure inside the bottle. Hot water may additionally help to loosen any sticky material inside the bottle lid from the filling process. 

We use packaging that fits into the lifestyles of today’s busy consumers and is considered safe by regulatory and public health agencies. We evaluate new packaging materials and make changes to our products when we believe there is a clear environmental, health, and/or economic benefit.

What happens if I get charged multiple times and don’t have an order number?

If you did not receive an order confirmation, no order was generated. We did not withdraw funds from your account. It may show on your bank account, but we did not. This is a pending transaction only. Every time you use your credit card, you are authorizing the card to be used. Unfortunately, the card declined, failed on our end. Most likely, the address on the card does not match the billing address (where you receive mail). Please check with your bank that they match. Any charges pending will credit back on to your card within a few days by your bank only. Please also check with them directly that it has been done. Email if you require a letter to show your bank. 

Cash App:

We do NOT accept Cash App as a form of payment. If you use Cash App at checkout and run into issues (double charges, no order confirmation, pending/processing charges, billing errors etc.) We are not responsible for any failed transactions. You must contact Cash App directly to resolve any issues.

Buying for Third Party Unauthorized Sites?

Please review our Privacy Policies page to get more information. 

Do you sell your products to resellers?

No, we do not sell our flavors to Re-Sellers or Re-Bottlers. Our flavors are for Manufacturing purposes. 

Now that I am buying from two company's both, are the orders being shipped from the same location, Las Vegas, NV? 

Yes, we function in the same facility.

Will any of the flavors change from 

No, they will not. 

Confirmation of your order when placed:

You must confirm you have read over and agree to our FAQs & Policies prior to completing your purchase. If you do not agree, unfortunately, you cannot place an order with us. No exceptions. 


Please send your request to Provide the order number and flavor name(s). We will not be able to provide information if the order is over two years and it must be purchased from us directly. For CAS information, an NDA must be completed and we will not provide the percentages.

Discrepancies and/or damages

All discrepancies and/or damages must be reported to Get Suckered within seven business days of receipt of merchandise. The 7 day window will begin from the date the package in question shows delivered.

Please contact Get Suckered Customer Service to initiate the claims process and to receive credit or replacement merchandise. Do not discard damaged product and packaging until advised to do so by Get Suckered Customer Service.  We usually ask for a photo of what has received as well as the name who packaged the shipment.

We greatly apologize for any issues.  As part of our process in resolving issues, please send us photo(s) of the following:

The flavor(s) with an issue that you receivedThe "Pack By Card" where the name of who packaged your shipment. It should be on a small business card Packing slip

Email the information to Please indicate the order number.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes we do. Click on the Wholesale link and you will be directed to the Wholesale Page for more information on orders.  Or you could contact us by phone or email us for a Wholesale Quote to

My package was sent back to Get Suckered, what happens now?

We do not offer refunds on items sent back to our facility. If a package is sent back to us due to refusal, you will be charged a restocking fee. If a package is requested to be sent out again after its been returned to us, we will charge a second shipping fee. Always provide accurate shipping information on your account. 

Get Suckered Flavors ® is now a Owned Company. 

Get has been in the Flavor Industry for well over 35 years.  As of Friday, October 20th, 2018, they were acquired by  

Call us if you have any questions. (800) 971-3015

Thanks in advance for your orders!