Tips for Making Natural Cosmetic Products for Your Business

Many cosmetic products contain harsh chemicals and substances that can harm our skin. Fortunately, your business can fight back and make natural products! If you’re interested, read these excellent tips for making natural cosmetic products for your business.

Use Concentrated Flavoring for Lip Products

If your business creates lip gloss, you should use concentrated flavoring to enhance the product. Making natural cosmetics doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice specific aromas or flavoring. Your business can create fantastic lip gloss with enticing flavors, like Cotton Candy or Crème Brulé.

Locally Source Ingredients

When making natural cosmetic products, it’s always best to locally source your ingredients. Purchase material from local suppliers that have fresh ingredients, like raw honey, flowers, and beeswax. You can use them in different products while supporting local businesses. In addition, you don’t have to worry about shipping costs or other fees when you locally source ingredients.

Think “Simple”

Natural cosmetic products are simple. They don’t have a long ingredient list or contain harsh chemicals and substances. Therefore, your business should think “simple” when creating product formulas. Start with simple base ingredients, like coconut oil, shea butter, or Vaseline, then consider essential oils or other pleasant-smelling ingredients. Ultimately, you can create many great products with simple components!

Always Add Natural Preservatives

One thing that separates natural cosmetic products from factory-made is the shelf life. Many products in stores have a long shelf-life due to preservatives and long-lasting chemicals. It’s important to understand that natural cosmetic products have a shorter shelf life because some ingredients expire quickly. However, you can extend the life of your natural products by adding natural preservatives!

Natural Preservative Examples

  • Geogard ECT
  • Leucidal SF complete
  • NeoDefend
  • Willow bark extract

We hope these tips for making natural cosmetic products for your business were helpful to you! If you’re interested in concentrated flavoring for your lip products, you should consider Get Suckered. With great options like Strawberry Spunk and Mango Candy, we have a wide selection of concentrates perfect for your business!

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