The Best Fruit Flavors for Candy

Who isn’t a candy lover? While there is obviously an array of flavors available when it comes to candy, one of the most popular and loved sectors are fruit-flavored treats. There are multiple fruit flavors available. However, there are some flavors that rank higher than others. Continue reading for a complete list of the best fruit flavors for candy. Who knows? Maybe you will find yourselves a new favorite!


How awesome is it to eat a piece of candy and feel like you are at the beach? This candy flavor not only transports you to a beach mentally but gives you a sweet flavor with a touch of sour to enjoy. Tropical vibes and candy? Count me in!


The definition of fruity goodness. This flavor is adored by many because of the citrusy and tart taste that sets it apart from other flavors. Not only is it refreshing, but it also brings you summer vibes.


The perfect balance! If you aren’t a fan of super sweet treats, this might be the flavor for you. This flavor allows for a less sweet taste, but the balance between lemon and lime allows for it to not be too sour.


Flash back! Doesn’t this staple flavor just remind you of your childhood? As soon as I pop that piece of candy in my mouth, I immediately get flashbacks of being a kid. Memories of eating a clementine at lunch and enjoying my Orange Crush soda all come flooding back to me as soon as I bite into that piece of orange candy.

Blue Raspberry

Blue raspberry is loved by all. This very popular flavor not only leaves your mouth blue but leaves your taste buds happy. Even though this flavor doesn’t directly taste like raspberries, its tart flavor is extremely similar to blackberries. As we stated above, this blue flavored candy is an absolute fan favorite.


Cherry is a true classic. Some might compare this flavor to cough syrup, yet others regard it as their ultimate go-to flavor. This bold cherry-like flavor sets it apart from the rest. There really isn’t a candy brand that doesn’t offer cherry as one of their flavor options.


You either love it or you hate it. This bold tropical flavor is either a go-to or absolute no-go for people. It is very different from the rest of the flavors on this list. Some say it has a toasted sweet flavor and combines well with other flavors, while others wholeheartedly disagree. This isn’t a staple flavor for all candy options but is still common.

All these fruit flavors go hand-in-hand with happiness. Are you looking for a place to get your own candy flavoring to make these tasty treats in the comfort of your home? At Get Suckered, we have one of the largest selections of candy flavoring oils and extracts available for purchase.

The best part of this purchase? You get to pick your favorite flavors! Next time, try a new flavor from this list of best fruit flavors for candy to see if it could become your new favorite.

In the end, candy is candy. Make your tastebuds and stomach happy by eating these tasty treats!

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