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The Best Flavors To Add To Your Coffee

Written By Elyse Aufmann 08 Dec 2020

Don’t be boring. Spice up your life and your morning by identifying some of the best beverage flavor concentrates to add to your morning coffee.

The Best Flavors To Add To Your Coffee

Wanting to add a little extra something to your coffee, but not wanting to get the unhealthy side effects that come with some of the ingredients you could add to it? Today is your lucky day! There will be no more having to add sugar, creamer, syrups, or whipped cream to the coffee to make it drinkable. Flavor concentrates for beverages will change the game for you. And the best part? They have an abundance of flavor options that can quickly turn your cup of coffee into the tasty morning drink you have been dreaming about.

Our list below contains some of the best flavors to add to your coffee. You might not even know that some of these flavors exist, but you will be glad you found out. Who knows, you might just find the right flavor combination that will make drinking your coffee the best part of your day.

White Chocolate

The subtle, suave, chocolate taste that comes with white chocolate serves as a perfect addition to coffee. It mixes extremely well with the coffee flavor, canceling out the bitter aftertaste. When you take a sip of your coffee, it will taste like you are taking a bite out of a white chocolate candy bar. Can you think of a more delicious and wonderful way to start your day? We can’t!


Who doesn’t love caramel, especially when you add it to coffee? Caramel has a sweet and toasty taste that is good by itself, but even better when you mix it with coffee. Mixing the two creates a caramel mocha flavor that is loved by many and sold in coffee shops everywhere. With this being said, how awesome is it that you can make it in the comfort of your own home? Just add a drop or two of caramel flavoring in your coffee in the morning to start your day off right!


This nutty, toasted, earthy flavor is one of the most common flavors to mix with one’s coffee. Mixing the two adds the perfect nutty sweetness to the coffee. There are numerous hazelnut creamers out there for you to use for your coffee, but trust me when I say that the hazelnut beverage concentrate is the way to go. It is so simple, tasty, and so much healthier.

Mint Mocha

This flavor is not only a fan favorite, but as soon as you take a sip you can’t help but instantly get in the holiday spirit. You never lose the expresso flavor; you just gain the lovely peppermint and chocolate addition. Not only is this so yummy, but it truly is so simple to get the perfect peppermint taste just right. All it takes is a few simple drops of our peppermint beverage concentrate.


Adding expresso to your coffee seems a bit odd, right? Not for true coffee lovers. If you are a lover of all things coffee, adding a little extra expresso flavoring to your morning drink might just be the way to go. Really, you are just taking the rich and bitter coffee flavor and making it even richer and more bitter. If that is your thing, go for it!


Coffee and chocolate—the perfect pair! The two flavors mix well together and complement each other very nicely. When you add chocolate flavoring into coffee, it allows for the different flavors within the chocolate to be enhanced. Who would have ever thought these two unique flavors would make the most absolutely delicious combination?


A true staple. This sugary, caramelly, almost floral-like classic flavor is unlike any other. So many love adding vanilla creamer to their coffee, so why not just go the just-as-tasty, yet healthier route? Adding vanilla beverage flavor concentrate to your coffee will get you the same delicious taste, without you consuming the unhealthy aspects of the creamer. Now, that is a win-win!

Pumpkin Spice

While many might associate this flavor with the fall, that does not mean that it cannot be enjoyed throughout the whole entire year. If you have pumpkin spice flavoring in your pantry, who is going to stop you from adding a few drops of the concentrate right into your coffee? Nobody! So, if you are a lover of all things pumpkin spice, this might just be the tastiest option for you.

Irish Cream

While it is not the most well-known flavor to mix with your coffee, it sure is a yummy one. It is like mixing multiple flavors into one simple drop. This Irish cream not only allows for you to get the chocolatey goodness, but also a delectable taste of vanilla as well. Blend a few drops of this into your coffee and you will never drink coffee without it again. This combination is truly unlike any other!

Toffee Nut

This rich and buttery flavor is a wonderful complement for a warm coffee. Toffee nut is a chewy and sweet treat made with molasses or sugar, butter, and milk—doesn’t that just sound amazing? Now imagine being able to take the flavor of a toffee nut and mix it right in with your coffee. Not only would you get the sweetness and nuttiness of the toffee, but also the rich and bitter taste of the coffee. Truly mouthwatering!

How could you not want a cup of warm delicious coffee mixed with one of these flavors after reading this? They all sound so flavorful and appetizing! And the best part is that these are only some of the best flavors to add to your coffee—there are plenty of more flavors to choose from. These flavors can also be used in any beverage, not just coffee. What an added bonus!

If you are interested in purchasing a few of these flavor concentrates for beverages, check out our website! There are numerous options available for whatever flavor you are trying to achieve. They are simple to use and delicious to taste. What could be a better combination? Make your tastebuds happy today by purchasing some of your favorite flavors to keep in your pantry!

Flavors To Add To Your Coffee

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