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The Ultimate Guide to Flavoring Oils for Lip Gloss

Written By Evelyn Baltierra 02 Aug 2023

Discover everything you need to know about Flavor Oils. Check out the ultimate guide to Flavoring Oils for lip gloss, and add them to your cosmetic products.

The Ultimate Guide to Flavoring Oils for Lip Gloss

You have the lip gloss base, and we have the Flavor. Explore the ultimate guide to Flavoring Oils for lip gloss to understand why you should add them to your products. These must-have products are wonderful additions to glosses, balms, and much more!

What Are Flavoring Oils?

Flavoring Oils add Flavor to your cosmetic products. Along with lip gloss, you’ll see Flavor Oils in lipstick, lip balm, matte lip products, and lip tints. The concentrated ingredient enhances lip products and lets you create unique combinations.

Why Add Flavoring Oils to Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss usually has natural butters, oils, and wax. Although these lip-product-friendly ingredients offer hydration and essential vitamins and are aesthetically pleasing to wear, they can give off an unflattering odor and taste. For example, shea butter has a nutty scent. If the lip gloss contains unflavored shea butter, users will have a nutty taste and smell on their lips. Not everyone may like this. Fortunately, Flavoring Oils can mask the scent! You can enjoy your favorite lip gloss bases with flattering scents and tastes.

Are Flavoring Oils Potent?

At Get Suckered, we offer one of the largest selections of Flavoring Oils available online. Our Concentrated Flavoring is very potent; you only need a few drops to achieve your desired taste. Our bottles are long lasting and can enhance several lip gloss bases.

Which Flavoring Oils Can You Add to Lip Gloss?

There are many Flavoring Oils you can select. At Get Suckered, our categories include Breakfast, Beverage, Candy, Dessert, Fruit, and Spice and Savory. Each Flavor category offers unique tastes and aromas that transform lip products. You can try single Flavor options or experiment with various combinations. The choice is up to you!

The Best Flavors

As mentioned, our Flavor Oil categories cover all kinds of tastes. Here’s an inside look into our options.


Breakfast Flavors include nostalgic and morning-centric scents. For instance, Fruity Stones and Mallow Charms Flavoring reminds you of your favorite childhood cereal. This is perfect for sweet lip glosses that need a touch of nostalgia. Furthermore, our Breakfast Flavors include Glazed Donut, Belgian Waffle, Maple, and other great options. Ultimately, this category is ideal for syrupy and sugary-like lip glosses.


Our Beverage Flavors include Cocktail, Coffee, Juice, Liquor, Soda, and Tea options. This is a unique category because most lip glosses don’t have Drink-Flavored ingredients. With these Flavors, you can mimic your favorite drinks, such as Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Daiquiri, or Cherry Limeade, for a sweet taste. You can also try unconventional Flavors like Matcha or Chai Tea Flavoring for a rich, warm lip gloss. Imagine all the iconic tastes you can capture in a lip gloss tube! From Cherry Cola to Amaretto Flavoring, there’s something for everyone.


When you think about lip gloss Flavors, sweets may come to mind. After all, most lip products offer light and sweet scents that entice people to the gloss. Our Candy Flavoring Oils are perfect for lip glosses because they mimic popular treats. We have Cotton Candy, Pink Sunburst, Candy Apple, Chocolate Chip, and much more. The awesome Flavors can remind you of the childhood (or current) treats you love.


Lip glosses that remind you of specific desserts are the best! Who wouldn’t love a Strawberry Cream lip product? Our Dessert Flavors include Baked Goods, Ice Cream, and other options. Baked Good Flavors are great for cake-, cookie-, and pie-Flavored lip glosses. Of course, Ice cream is ideal for frozen treat Flavors like Cookies and Cream, Orange Dreamsicle, and Bomb Pop. Our “Various” options include unique desserts like Frosted Animal Cookie and Ambrosia.


Fruit Flavoring is popular because they offer delightful and natural Flavors. They elevate lip products with fan-favorite choices like Strawberry, Mango, and Watermelon Flavoring. You can enhance lip glosses with delectable tastes and aromas, from Tangy and Tart to Juicy and Tropical. The best part is combining Fruit Flavoring for unique lip glosses. Imagine Dragon Fruit and Lemon or Black Cherry and Raspberry Gloss!

Spice and Savory

Admittedly, Spice and Savory Flavoring is probably the last thing you’d associate with lip gloss. However, the Flavors add an extra kick to lip gloss bases. For instance, Mint and Rosemary offer a natural, woodsy Flavor. Meanwhile, Cinnamon and Hazelnut offer warm, rich Flavors. You can amp up glosses with Hot Chili Pepper or Cajun Spice Flavoring. No one expects these unique additions to lip glosses, but they leave a lasting impression!

Flavor Combinations To Try

Our ultimate guide to Flavoring Oils for lip gloss has to include Flavor combinations. Let our suggestions inspire your next products!

  • Cinnamon and Caramel Mocha: Think about a warm beverage on a chilly fall day. This combination is warm, toasty, and delicious. Consider this option for seasonal lip glosses.
  • Whipped Cream and Banana Split: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Bring the ice cream truck to customers, and recreate the perfect frozen treat.
  • Apple Pie and Brown Sugar: Warm, buttery, and tart. Nothing compares to the Flavors of fresh pie. This combination is also perfect for seasonal glosses.
  • Butter and Lemon Poundcake: What’s better than a buttery, lemony, rich cake? Nothing! Your customers will feel like they’re in a bakery with this lip gloss.
  • Tangerine and Mango Candy: You can never go wrong with fruity Flavors. The yummy mixture offers the perfect balance of citrus and tropical tastes.
  • Cherry Cola and Sour Fruity Kittles: Prepare for a Flavor overload with this unique blend of fan-favorite soda and candy.
  • Tricks Cereal and Orange Dreamsicle: This is the right mix of orange, vanilla, and fruity Flavors. This combination is nostalgic with unforgettable tastes.

How To Add Flavor Oils to Lip Gloss

You can add Flavor Oils to premade lip gloss bases. Place one cup of lip gloss base in a container and add one to three drops of your preferred Flavor Oil. Remember, Flavor Oils are strong, and a few drops go a long way. However, you can alter the ratio for various products. For example, you may want lip gloss with intense Candy Flavor and a hint of Spice Flavor.

Add Flavor Oils after you melt the ingredients for a homemade lip gloss. Ideally, you want a warm oil or butter base to ensure the Flavor Oils blend with the other ingredients. Extremely hot bases can affect the Flavor Oil potency, and cold bases are difficult to mix.

Distribute the product into individual tubes once you add the Flavor Oils to your lip gloss.

Where To Purchase Flavoring Oils

Get Suckered is your one-stop-shop for Flavoring Oils. We have a large selection of products that’ll suit all tastes. Our magical little bottles will transform your lip glosses with awesome Flavors and aromas. Don’t wait; purchase your Flavor Oils today!

The Ultimate Guide to Flavoring Oils for Lip Gloss

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