The Non-Chapped History of Flavored Lip Gloss

Every cosmetic product has an origin story, including Flavored lip gloss. Dive deep into the history of this popular cosmetic product with a rundown of its origins. Read about the non-chapped history of Flavored lip gloss for interesting information!

What Is Lip Gloss?

Lip gloss is a cosmetic product that gives lips a shiny appearance. Sometimes, the product adds subtle color to the lips. Lip gloss is a fluid or a soft solid and is different than lip balm or lipstick. The cosmetic product is available in various opacities, like translucent or solid forms. Lip gloss can also have various finishes like frosty, glittery, glossy, or metallic. Many lip glosses are water-resistant and can stay on the lips for two to three hours. Lip gloss is an inexpensive product that’s popular across countless cosmetic brands.

Lip Gloss Origins

Before Flavored gloss, plain lip gloss dominated the cosmetic sector. The history of this cosmetic product begins with Max Factor, a pioneer in the makeup world. He is known for his contributions to the motion picture industry.

In the early 20th century, film equipment shifted. Technicolor began to rise, and movies had bold and more colorful visuals. However, the makeup industry did not catch up to this innovation. In fact, makeup artists continued to use the same cosmetics they had in black-and-white films. This included red lips, blue under eyes, yellow tint foundation, and other harsh colors. Movie stars looked odd on the screen when color film took the stage.

Fortunately, this dilemma didn’t last long, as makeup for color motion pictures debuted in 1914. Max Factor introduced a 12-toned greasepaint (theatrical makeup) that appeared more natural on camera. Still, Factor didn’t stop there. The next invention came in 1930, which was lip gloss! He made the product for film, as the product’s original purpose was to give lips a shiny appearance on camera. The glass-like aesthetic gave actors the perfect finish to their smooth, porcelain skin from greasepaint.

Commercial Availability

In 1932, X-Rated was the first commercially available lip gloss. It was in production until 2003. Max Factor's parent company, Proctor and Gamble, retired the gloss during that time. However, this wasn’t the last time consumers would see lip gloss in stores. The cosmetic product became a great success for other beauty brands.

Flavored Gloss History

The history of Flavored lip gloss begins with Bonne Bell in 1973, when she introduced Lip Smackers. Known as “the world’s first flavored lip gloss,” the product was targeted toward school-aged girls across the world. Strawberry was the first Flavor available in stores. However, Lemon and Green Apple came around soon after. Consumers enjoyed the delicious fruity Flavors with sweet aromas. As the brand’s popularity grew, so did the formulas and Flavor options. For instance, Bubblegum Lip Smackers had a realistic bubblegum taste!

Eventually, the legendary product branched out to beverage Flavors like soda and juice. Their bestsellers include Dr Pepper, 7-Up, and Watermelon Cherry Kool-Aid. The cosmetic brand also offered Flavored glosses with shimmery and iridescent finishes.

The Popularity of Lip Gloss

There's no slowdown in the popularity of lip gloss today. The famous cosmetic product is available in several Flavors, such as Peach, Melon, Vanilla, Candied-Apple, and many more. Although Lip Smackers initially had a young consumer base, they're popular among countless cosmetic lovers! In fact, many people prefer lip gloss to lipstick.

We can’t forget to acknowledge trends within lip gloss formulas. The current rise of vegan and cruelty-free makeup encourages beauty brands to make organic cosmetics. Organic lip glosses are available today and are the best choice for people who want clean, chemical-free, and animal-by-product-free makeup.

Create Flavored Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is one of the best DIY cosmetic products because it’s simple to make. Homemade glosses include a combination of oils, butters, and essential oils (for specific aromas). To achieve specific Flavors, you can use Flavoring Oils in your formulas. At Get Suckered, we offer a variety of Flavoring Oils like Candy, Beverages, and Dessert options. The Oils are highly concentrated, so you only need a few drops per batch!

How To Use Flavoring Oils

Add one to three drops of your preferred Flavoring Oil to one cup of lip gloss base. Remember, Flavor Oils are potent, but you can alter the product ratio for your desired results. For example, you may want lip gloss with a strong Matcha Flavor and a hint of Cinnamon. Incorporate Flavor Oils after melting the ingredients for homemade lip gloss. Warm oil or butter bases can easily blend with Flavor Oils. Lastly, distribute the product into individual tubes for application to the lips.

Flavoring Oil Choices

Here's an overview of our Flavoring Oils so you can learn how they’ll improve your lip gloss formulas:


Breakfast Flavors offer nostalgic options like Crunch Berries and Mallow Charms Flavoring that remind you of fan-favorite cereals. Breakfast Flavorings are great for sugary lip glosses. We also offer unique choices like Glazed Donut and Belgian Waffle for sweet treat lovers.


Our Beverage Flavors include Cocktail, Coffee, Juice, Liquor, Soda, and Tea selections. If you want Lip Smacker-inspired glosses, this category is perfect for you! Recreate your favorite beverages like Tequila Sunrise, Chai, or Pink Lemonade. You’ll mimic iconic tastes with these Flavoring oils.


We can’t discuss Flavored lip gloss without mentioning Candy! Our Oils are ideal for lip glosses because they mimic sweet and light Flavors. For example, Cotton Candy and Pink Sunburst are popular options.


Dessert-inspired lip glosses are the best because they remind you of childhood and current favorite treats. Our Dessert Flavors include Baked Goods, Ice Cream, and other delectable options. Whether you want a Lemon Poundcake-Flavored lip gloss or Ice Cream-inspired product, there’s something for you at Get Suckered.


Fruit was the first Flavored lip gloss option. Go back to the product’s roots with Fruit-inspired glosses. We offer Strawberry, Grape, Mango, and many other Oils. Instead of artificial tastes and candy-like aromas, these Flavoring Oils are authentic. Create a lip gloss that actually tastes like a Concord Grape or Melon!

Spice and Savory

Add a surprising element to your lip gloss formulas with Spice and Savory Flavoring Oils. Mint and Cinnamon are popular Oils, but Hot Chili Pepper is an interesting addition. They help your lip gloss stand out because no one expects these unique Flavors.

Get Suckered can elevate Flavor in all your creations. We offer Flavor Oils for baking that enhance treats and bring the “wow” factor to recipes. Browse our products today!

The Non-Chapped History of Flavored Lip Gloss

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