The Biggest Candy-making Mistakes To Avoid

If you want your candy making projects to turn out spectacular, here are some of the biggest candy-making mistakes to avoid. Following these tips will help you successfully create delicious and wonderful-looking treats! Once you have all the correct ingredients and know what you’re going to make, educate yourself with this information before you get started cooking up those delicious pieces of candy. Yum!

Consider the Weather

You are probably wonder what this has to do with making tasty and spectacular candy treats. Surprisingly, it plays a crucial role. When deciding when you’re going to make your candy creations, considering the temperature is a necessity. If it’s humid or rainy, it could directly cause the candy to be more sugary or grainy in texture. Heat and humidity make the thermometer one to two degrees higher than the recipe asks for.

Purchase a Candy Thermometer

Not having a candy thermometer and just eyeballing the different temperatures is not the way to go. If you purchase the candy thermometer, you’re following the recipe perfectly, which will result in the sweetest of candies. When looking at the different types of candy creations, make sure you purchase the thermometer that is going to be the easiest and most beneficial to the candy types you’re making.

Stay Away From Water

Once you melt chocolate, don’t let it near water. Even the slightest bit will cause the chocolate to become clumpy and stick together. The correct term for this is called seizing and it can completely ruin your candy-making project.

Don’t allow for any mistakes to occur! Instead, follow these biggest candy-making mistakes to avoid and be diligent and proactive. By taking these steps to educate yourself and find out what not to do, you are taking a step closer to your tummy being happy and full of delicious candy!

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