The Best Alcoholic Beverages for Summer

What makes an alcoholic drink a great alcoholic drink? Some prefer their beverages to be the perfect blend of strong alcohol flavors and calmer, refreshing tastes. Others prefer drinks with sweet and tangy flavors that dominate alcohol flavors without compromising their potency. We’ve compiled some of the best alcoholic beverages for the summer to help you find the best recipe for your summer drinks.

Iced Tea Cocktail

Iced tea is a classic drink that can cool down any hot summer day. Why not take this beloved summer favorite beverage and add an alcoholic twist? Since iced tea is already so full of sweet flavors, this drink is compatible with an array of alcohols.

For example, adding a splash of gin to any iced tea will add a refreshing taste. Since gin has a richly botanical flavor, this alcohol will sit at the front of your mouth’s palate without overpowering the sweetness of the iced tea. Adding a sliced lemon and dash of sugar on top will make this drink a delectable beverage for any summer afternoon.

Jalapeno Margarita

What’s more refreshing than a margarita? Whether you prefer this beverage frozen or on the rocks, the sweet, salty, and tangy flavors of this drink make it an excellent choice.

If you enjoy a kick to your flavors, try adding in sliced jalapenos at the top of your drink. This addition may sound strange, but when the spiciness of the jalapenos seeps into the sweet and tangy mixture of your margarita, you’ll swallow a delicious concoction of flavors.

 The spiciness of the jalapenos is strong enough to add a twist to your drink without adding bitterness. Instead, the flavors of your mango, strawberry, or watermelon margaritas will be even more pronounced.

Chocolate Coffee Brew

Sometimes, summer can make you crave sweet treats. Quench your cravings by indulging in a mixture of coffee, chocolate, and alcohol flavors. A chocolate coffee brew is simple and highly customizable. Simply start with a fresh cup of coffee and add your choice of chocolate milk or Irish cream. You can also use Alcohol Flavoring concentrates for Irish Cream. These concentrates are perfect for adding the classic alcohol flavors without needing the real drink! Once you’ve mixed your coffee and Irish cream, you can add more chocolate garnishes or begin devouring this sweet drink.

These are just a few of the best alcoholic beverages for summer. Experiment with different alcohol flavors to find your favorite new recipe! Get Suckered supplies a wide array of alcohol flavor concentrates to help you explore these new flavors. Check out our website to browse through Vodka, Champagne, Whiskey, and tons of other flavors!

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