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How to Make Flavored Lip Scrubs

Written By Christine Cumming 28 Jul 2020

Scrubs are huge right now. Body scrubs, face scrubs, and even lip scrubs are popular—but costly. Check out this guide on making your own flavored lip scrubs.

How to Make Flavored Lip Scrubs

Self-care, body-care, and mind-care are all extremely popular right now. There is a growing emphasis on relaxation, skincare, and using natural products. The industries focused on body-care, skincare, lotion, scrubs, masks, and relaxation are all thriving in the current market. If you already own a relaxation-based business, adding scrubs to your product list should be fairly simple and extremely lucrative. In the same regard, if you’re considering starting a business right now, then a lip scrub business might be a successful one to invest in. Check out this guide to learn how to make flavored lip scrubs, whether you want to make them for business or personal use—or both!

Decide on a base ingredient

The first step in making flavored lip scrubs is to choose the right base ingredient. This should be the softening agent and the ingredient that gives the scrub a cohesive foundation. Some of the most popular base ingredients are honey, coconut oil, petroleum jelly, and other oils. Make sure to choose a base ingredient that is moisturizing and non-irritating. This should be the source of relief and substance of the scrub.

Find an ingredient to provide exfoliation

Exfoliation is the most important ingredient in a lip scrub—or any kind of scrub, for that matter. There are many benefits to exfoliation. The goal of it is to gently rub the dead skin away from the lips and leave them soft. This feature is why lip scrubs are popular among those with chapped or dry lips. It is a way to remove dead skin and dryness without pain—only mild texture. There are many things you can use in your homemade lip scrub to provide an element of exfoliation. Below is a list of popular exfoliants you can add to your lip scrub and a brief description of the type of exfoliation they provide.


Almonds are one of the easier to find exfoliants you can use to make homemade lip scrubs. Finely ground up your almonds and drop them into your base ingredient. It’s important to ground your almonds very finely, as pieces that are too large may not act as exfoliants or may damage the skin. Almonds are a coarse exfoliant for very dry skin. To use a lip scrub with an almond element, apply it and then gently rub it into the skin.

Brown sugar

Brown sugar is another easily accessible exfoliant you can add to your lip scrub to give it an element of exfoliation for lasting softness. Brown sugar has small grains that will gently massage the skin and remove mild dry skin while softening the layer of skin beneath. Sugar scrubs are great for the lips because they are gentle and soothing on delicate skin.


Oatmeal is a great and affordable way to provide your scrub with a healthy dose of exfoliation. Oatmeal is known for its skin-softening and irritation-calming properties. Oatmeal is a common ingredient in bath bombs, lotions, and more to calm sensitive skin and reduce irritation. Oatmeal is a great exfoliant for chapped or dry lips, as it will not only remove the dead skin but soothe the damaged under layers as well. Be sure to finely ground the oatmeal to capitalize on the exfoliation benefits.


Sugar is a very similar exfoliant to brown sugar, except that it won’t change the color of your lip scrub. The small grains of sugar gently remove dead skin while keeping the healthy skin underneath soft and smooth. Sugar is an easily accessible exfoliant that forms a natural sugar scrub when mixed with a liquid.

Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are another exfoliant option for your lip scrubs. Coffee has caffeine in it, so its properties work to keep your skin free of fine lines and energized for the day. You can use pre-ground beans, or, if you’d rather have more control over the size of the exfoliants, you can grind the coffee beans yourself into grounds or even small pieces. This will give your scrub a medium level of exfoliation.


One of the most common exfoliants in lip scrubs is salt. Using grains of salt in your exfoliant gives your lip scrub an extra boost of hydration restoration. Salt has natural minerals in it that work to soften skin and help it to absorb more moisture. It also provides the benefit of lifting dead and dry skin from the lips and starting the healing process for chapped lips.

Himalayan salt

With very similar benefits as regular salt, Himalayan salt gives your lip scrub a fun, pink tint. It promotes the growth of healthy skin cells by removing dead ones and adding in minerals that promote healthy skin. This natural exfoliant is perfect for use on the lips, as it’s gentle yet effective for the sensitive area.

Once you’ve chosen an exfoliant, add it to your base ingredient. You are nearly done with your lip scrub.

Add a flavor

Now that you’ve added your exfoliant to your lip scrub, you can choose a flavor. This is the most fun and exciting part of making homemade lip scrubs. There are many different flavor combinations you can choose from. Choose a high-quality flavor powder or even a few to mix together. Start by adding just a little bit of flavor powder, and then slowly increase it to get the desired flavor impact. If you’re mixing flavors, start with an equal amount of each flavor, and then slowly increase the amount of the flavor you wish to be stronger in the scrub.

Enjoy your finished product

Once you have the right balance of base, exfoliant, and flavor, you can start testing your product out. It should go on smoothly, with small bits of roughness to provide a gentle exfoliation to your lips. Gently rub it on for about 30 seconds, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. This should leave your lips feeling soft, supple, smooth, and tasting great.

For all your flavor powder, flavor extract, and flavor emulsion needs, check out our vast selection of delicious flavors perfect for your next homemade lip scrub.

HFlavored Lip Scrubs

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