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Different Applications for Flavor Concentrates

Written By Evelyn Baltierra 21 Sep 2023
Different Applications for Flavor Concentrates

Interested in trying Flavor Concentrates but don’t know how to use them? Don’t worry. We’re here to help! Discover the different applications for Flavor Concentrates and start your Flavoring journey. You’ll elevate recipes or make new creations!

What Are Flavor Concentrates?

Flavor Concentrates are highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavorings. At Get Suckered, our Flavors are fat-, sugar-, carb-, and sodium-free. They also contain zero calories. We offer Water Soluble (PG base) and Oil Soluble (Soybean, MCT oils, and Sunflower oil bases) options.

The special Flavorings have premium ingredients that are suitable for various dietary needs. Our Flavor Concentrates are Diacetyl-Free, Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, Vegan, Nut and Dairy Free, Non-GMO, and Unsweetened!

So, what’s the hype about Flavorings? The products offer immense Flavor to different applications. As you explore this guide, you’ll discover the amazing uses of our products.

Lip Products

Lip products are a popular application for our Flavorings. You can use our oil-based Concentrates to create lip gloss, lip balm, lip scrub, and much more! Our Flavorings are perfect for cosmetics because they mask the scent of natural ingredients (i.e., shea butter or beeswax). They also improve the taste of your products. Since the Concentrates are unsweetened, you can use our Artificial or Natural Sweeteners to achieve a sweet taste.

How To Use Flavorings for Lip Products

You can incorporate oil-based Flavoring to premade lip gloss bases. Put one cup of lip gloss base in a bowl and add one to three drops of your preferred Concentrate. It’s important to note that Flavor Oils are potent, and a few drops go a long way. However, you can modify the ratio for various products. For example, you may want a lip scrub with subtle Fruit Flavor or a lip gloss with intense Beverage Flavoring.

It’s best to add Flavoring after you melt the ingredients if your lip products have homemade blends that you heat. Ideally, you need a warm base to ensure the Flavor Concentrates can blend with the other ingredients. Very hot formulas can affect potency and cold bases are difficult to mix.

What Flavors Can You Add to Lip Products?

What Flavors can you use? Whatever your heart desires! Our Flavor Concentrates include Breakfast, Beverage, Candy, Dessert, Fruit, Spice, and Savory categories. Each category offers distinctive tastes and aromas that elevate lip products.

The choice is up to you, whether you want to try a single Flavoring or experiment with different combinations. However, we have a few combination suggestions:

  • Apple Pie and Cinnamon – What’s better than fresh, warm apple pie? Nothing! Your lip products can mimic this classic dessert.
  • Cranberry and Vodka – Turn your favorite cocktail into a lip product Flavor. Both Concentrates mimic the taste of juice and alcohol.
  • Butter and Brown Sugar – Two classic bases for desserts. Give your products a warm, buttery, and molasses-like Flavor.
  • Toasted Coconut and Cake batter – Recreate the taste of moist coconut cake with this pairing. The sweet aromas can entice anyone!
  • Wild Cherry and Cherry Cola – Create a lip product bursting with Cherry Flavor. The complementing Flavoring oils are fan-favorite Concentrates.


People love the taste of confections, from hard candies to soft and chewy ones. After all, they offer various Flavor profiles. Chocolate lovers have their choice of candy bars and treats, sweet and sour fans have a plethora of confection choices, and the list goes on!

An emerging trend within the DIY realm is homemade candy. You can create unique recipes and make mouth-watering treats. However, acknowledging the challenges of candy-making is important. For starters, some treats require high temperatures so sugar can reach a specific boiling point. You must remain cautious throughout the heating process.

Furthermore, candy requires precise measurements to maintain the right consistency. At times, this leaves little room for Flavor experimentation (until now).

Flavor Concentrates and Candy

Concentrated Flavoring gives candy a special taste and allows you to incorporate sensational Flavors without compromising the consistency of your treats. As you craft the perfect candy, let our concentrates work their magic.

It’s best to add Flavoring in warm candy batches to avoid losing potency. For example, stir a few drops of Concentrates in warm hard candy bases before you place them in molds. You risk uneven distribution of Flavoring if you wait too long. It’s challenging to mix cold bases, and some candies become more potent than others. No one wants a piece of candy with overwhelming Flavor and the next piece that has no Flavor at all.

The Best Flavorings

We offer Candy Concentrates with variances like soft, chewy, sour, and chocolate options. However, those Concentrates aren’t exclusive to candy-making. You can also incorporate our other Flavor categories! Here’s a quick rundown of the best Flavorings.

  • Breakfast – Bring a touch of nostalgia to your candy recipes. You can make cereal-flavored marshmallows or other morning-centric treats with these Flavorings.
  • Beverage – Imagine Cherry-Cola Flavored gummy bears or Pink Lemonade taffy. Capture your favorite drinks inside candies.
  • Dessert – Baked good Flavored candy is unique. Become the first person to make Cake-Flavored chocolate bars or Animal Cookie gummies.
  • Fruit – Our Fruit Flavors are natural and delicious. Increase the Flavor profile of different candies with real fruity elements!
  • Spice and Savory – Add an unconventional ingredient to candies, and make your creations stand out. Elevate treats with Cinnamon, Hot Chili Pepper, or Cajun Spice Flavoring.


Flavor Concentrates are versatile, especially for dessert recipes. You can add a few drops of Flavoring to batters, doughs, syrups, ice cream bases, and much more. As mentioned, the Concentrates are unsweetened, Diacetyl-Free, Gluten-Free, Keto-Friendly, Vegan, Nut and Dairy Free. They only add Flavor to treats, so they don’t change the consistency of recipes.

It’s important to remain mindful of Flavoring measurements. Our products are potent, and a few drops go a long way. But we understand that everyone’s palate is different. We recommend that you add drops in small increments until you achieve the taste you desire.

Here are some Flavoring combinations to consider, whether you want to elevate existing recipes or create new ones.

Tasty Combinations

  • Chocolate ice cream base with Peanut Brittle Flavoring
  • Vanilla yogurt base with Pineapple Soft Serve Flavoring
  • Cake batter with Cookies and Cream Flavoring
  • Homemade Chili with Cheddar Flavoring
  • Roasted vegetables with Cajun Spice Flavoring


Beverages are great applications for Flavor Concentrates, whether you want to enhance the taste of your water, upgrade your favorite cocktails, or make your favorite juice taste even better. Add one to three drops of Flavoring per one cup of liquid. You can also create delicious combinations to achieve unique tastes. For instance, two drops of Tequila Sunrise and one drop of Orange Dreamsicle can elevate your beverage of choice.

Although our concentrates are unsweetened, you can add our Artificial or Natural Sweeteners to improve the taste of beverages. Like our Concentrates, the Sweeteners are also potent. They’re zero-calorie sugar alternatives that make your drinks delicious. Feel free to use our Beverage Flavorings or other categories to enhance your drinks!

Different Applications for Flavor Concentrates

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